The new attraction in Bialowieza Forest – a VISA-FREE visit on the Belarusian side of the forest

The new attraction in Bialowieza Forest – a visit to the Belarusian side of Forest

From the 12th of June 2015 there is a possibility of visa-free cross the Polish-Belarusian border (but only to visit the National Park “Bielowiezskaja Forest” and only up to 3 days).

To cross the border without a visa, you must have:

– A passport valid for at least 6 months

– To apply for a permitt at: National Park “Bielowiezskaja Forest” (form have to be filled in capital letters, or with caps lock – exactly as data on the passport)

– Print obtained at the given address e-mail from the Belarusian side pdf file (which treated pass) – PLEASE CHECK THE CORRECTNESS OF DATA (free internet access in the Bialowieza can be obtained in hot-spots or the Tourist Information point of Bialowieza PN in the gate left after Tsar palace)

Tourist Information point BPN can help you fill out the necessary documents FREE OF CHARGE

– Purchase insurance (basic version price is 8 zł per person for up to 3 days), the easiest and at no extra cost can do this in one of the Bialowieza hotels (Zubrowka, Bialowieski)

– At the border, on the Belarusian side you have to filled a proposal immigration

A further explore the program of their NP will depend on you 🙂

Post Scriptum.
They just introduced a mandatory payment of 5,000 rubles (about 13 zł) per person for admission to the trail called “Cross-Border Trail of the Bialowieza Forest” (this can be seen as a ticket to the national park).

And you can get acquainted with the current price list.

This is the map of trails and boundaries of visa-free zone on the Belarusian side:

Map of Belarusian side of Bialowieza Forest
Map of Belarusian side of Bialowieza Forest

visa-free zone boundary is marked such plaques:



Practical informations:

– You can pay by credit card, but sometimes terminals do not accept individual cards

– You can pay in euros or dollars, although the conversion is not very favorable

– for 1 euro in counter (eg. in Hajnówka), you can obtain about 16,000 Belarusian rubles.

– due to sanitary rules, you can’t bring from Belarus any food

And the local park invites you to:

Belarusian BPNP offer
Belarusian BPNP offer







And yet only we remind you of the rules of the National Park “Bielowiezskaja Forest”

Tourust rules guide
Tourust rules guide







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