Bison (Good) morning

European bison & others in spring and summer…

When the night is going to fall, and animals feel quite safe, they go to find something to eat. Fields are often covered by mist, and birds are singing like crazy… it is still quite cool, and it is easier to read “the book of night life of Bialowieza Forest” (by following the tracks of animals). On the tour we concentrate on finding the European bison, but you may also see the roe and red deer, wild boar, woodpeckers, pygmy owl and even wolf or lynx. So early in the morning, before you have your breakfast or late in the evening (option only in winter time), before you start your dinner go with us on this unforgettable tour.

 Some details of tour:

Why I call them “ghosts”? Because despite the size of their bodies they are able to move through the forest silently.

On tour there is more car driving (to places where bison can be), than walking (we use a cars to increase the chance to meet with a wild bison). So you can call it “European bison safari” 

Tourists must use their own vehicles. A vehicle can be available by request!

Night vision binoculars and scope in price of tour.

That tour is made outside of national park area, but still in Bialowieza Forest and in the near vicinity.

2/3 of Bialowieza forest European bison is using forest and glades inside of forest complex, and 1/3 is more use edges of forest and some of farmer fields.

It is nesecary to use a car. Guide can join to yours, or you can book guide with a car.

Gallery tours offeree


All year round


up to 4 hours


10-100 km

Length of the route on foot

0-2 km

Number of persons

Min.: 1, max: 10

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