Arek Szymura “Pygmy Owl” Nature tours

Pygmy Owl(Glaucidium passerinum) 🙂

is the smallest owl in Europe that exists in the Bialowieza Forest.

Our family business name comes from smallest European owl and ability of Arek’s to stimulate this bird specimen without any technical equipment, but only by whistling.

Since the 80’s we have been working as tourist guides and in 2004 we started our family business offering guiding services with passion for nature that suit you interests, time and needs.

Pygmy Owl © Mateusz Szymura

Arek (Arkadiusz) Szymura

now with over 30 years of experience in birdwatching, supporting researches and exploring Białowieża Primaeval Forest, he is an expert in the field of nature. For many years he was a teacher at the Forestry College in Białowieża where he taught botany. He is one of the four who in 1985 established Polish Society for Bird Protection (former name North Podlasian Society for Bird Protecion). One of his interests is music and once you are in Białowieża’s church you can listen to him playing organs.

Mateusz (Mathew) Szymura

since 2004 he is employee of  Białowieża National Park where he is the head of the Nature Conservation Department. Apart from 10 years of forestry education Arek gave him priceless lessons of Nature. In his career (since 1998) he guided thousands of people including prince Charles. Since 2009 he has been carrying out researches concentrated on birds.

You may find in internet many trip reports, where you will find our names

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