Practical tips

Due to the proximity to the border with Belarus, you allways have to have some ID like passport with you (it is often  controlled by Polish Border Guards).
To the forest, regardless of the weather, especially during the summer is to go dressed in long pants and a shirt with long sleeves.
In the spring and summer must have with you some measures against mosquitoes.
In the summer the most annoying are mosquitoes and horse flies
Due to the proximity to the border with Belarus, a mobile phone must be switched to manual network selection mode and choose operator like: Play, Plus, Orange or Era, unlike minute call while roaming will cost about $ 2, and one mb of transfer data is a cost of about 10 $.
Coming to Bialowieza, especially on the keel days, you should have with you clothes on the weather, “pretty” and this little worse (especially in the spring boots will allow us to enjoy the beauty of the natural world, rather than look at your feet…).
Binoculars can always come in handy, because you never know what tree for what pet sitting …
If you will be bitten by a tick, please do not panic. Safe time to remove a tick is 24 hours (at the time the risk of contracting tick-borne diseases is minimal). The easiest way to remove a tick, catching him with pincers and twist it to the left (counter clockwise).
Important information for drivers:
– In Poland, acccepted exceeding the speed limit than the limits indicated on the signs is 10 km / h,
– During the day the car must keep the lights on low beam,
– You can not talk on a cell phone while driving,
– At the STOP sign you need to stop the car for 2-3 seconds.

The Bialowieza Forest bison

In Bialowieza Primaeval Forest living in the wild more than 1200 bison. Over 700 in the Polish part of it. Wandering through trails we have the opportunity to see them. 

You should know that:

bison, despite the large body weight can very quickly (up to 40 km / h) and agile (jumping over obstacles with a height of about 2 m) move in the woods;
Our bison unprovoked will keept the distance;
Do not approach the bison from a distance of less than 50 m;
Particularly dangerous are mothers with calves during calving (late May-July) and single males.

How to behave when meeting with bison?

 seeing signs of impatience bison (nerve twisting tail, feet and bury in the ground, rolling up) as soon as possible, keeping calm, move away from the place of meeting;
when moving car – slowly stop, do not leave the vehicle, the engine does not extinguish, you can open the windows do not open the door because the sound may frighten the bison;
when you move your bike – stop, best stand next to a large tree to be less visible;
you move on foot – do not try to follow the bison, stand in the place where the bison will be less visible, no sudden movements.

Things to remember

You can not enter into the winter feeding sites bison, with the exception of places available for tourists (bison refuges “Kosy Most”, “Czoło”).

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