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Heart of Bialowieza Forest – the Strict Reserve

The Strict Reserve of Bialowieza National Park is the place where people go to experience natural place, accepting it as it is. Some scientist say that this is a “window into the past” which helps us to understands truly wild place that people haven’t put their hands on. Naturalness of this place was the main reason to give it the status of World Heritage Site UNESCO. This forest constantly persists for over 10 000 years. Although wild it is kind enough to reveal some of its secrets. Proud representatives of eight tree species hold the height record of Europe and some of them are even highest in the world. Our guide will help you to see the unrevealed secrets. Especially for you we will share our passion for this place. All year round we will take you on unforgettable birdwachtching and wildlife observations. We adjust our offer to the current season. In the spring you will see beautiful carpets of flowers, in autumn during deer’s rut you can hear the most extraordinary sound of nature and autumn is also the season when amazing mushrooms let us admire their beauty. All year round this is the best place to see woodpeckers (especially very rare white-backed and three-toed woodpecker). Standard tour takes about 3 hours. For specialist (foresters, biologist, ecologist) it is possible to get a permit from the national park authority for an extend tour. Then the tour takes between 6 to 8 hours.

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Pygmy owl whistling

To Arek Szymura one of the most favourite bird species is the Pygmy Owl. He learnt how to whistle like them, and you can have a chance to see Arek talking to Pygmy Owl on one of our tours. Arek has a great passion for nature. His son, Mateusz follows his steps. Pygmy Owl, as a boreal specie generally is not shy, and it is active during day. It is often observed when sitting on top of spruce trees. Even if our tour will concentrate on pygmy owl you will be able to see many other species such as Tengmans Owls (only in spring time), woodcock , woodpeckers, deer, wild boars and even wolf or lynx.

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Exciting lectures and field excursions

We have broad range of topic on our offer including such themes as: role of the Bialowieza National Park , the role of dead wood in the forest, the complexity of forest ecosystems, identification of birds by their voice, botanical tours. Should we control the nature or should we just step aside and watch the natural processes – we will tell you about different approaches to management of the Bialowieza Forest. If you are interested in our program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a lot of experience with student groups (we have regular cooperation with universities from the Netherlands and Sweden).

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