Peaceful out of season time…

In winter time you will see completely different face of the Bialowieza Forest.

In winter it is much easier to observe the life of animals living in this unique place, mainly because we have a lot of snow. From the snow, thanks to our experience you will be able to read about forest life like from open book. Thanks to snow cover forest is full of different shapes which are not visible in other time of year. It is more quiet than in other time of year, so it is easier to focus on beautiful details. In winter time big predators, like wolf or lynx are more active during day time, you may also hear wolfs howling. And they potential prey deer and wild boar stay longer in the same place when they see human, mainly because they don’t want to lose energy. Along rivers we have higher chance to meet otters. And if you fancy other ways of travelling through the forest than walking we can take on a cross country skiing tour.

 Some details of tour:

That tour is made inside and outside of national park area, so in all Bialowieza Forest.

Gallery tours of the offeree

Gallery tours offeree




5-8 hours


20-100 km

Length of the route on foot

5-10 km

Number of persons

Min.: 1, max: 4

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