Did Belarusian were able to stop spruce bark beetle outbreak in their part of Bialowieza Forest?

In years 2001-2012 in Bialowieza Forest National Park (Belarus) spruce beetle outbreak killed almost 2,5 mln cubic m of spruces, from which about 1 mln was harvested, and about 1,5 mln was left on place, as their were present in strict protection area. In years 2001-2005 spruce bark beetle was present on area of about 28 thousand of hectares, and it killed 1,75 mln cubic m of spruces, from which about 1 mln cubic m of spruces was harvested as a sanitary cutting, and 0,75 mln cubic m was left in strictly protected ares. It means that 57% of trees was harvested, and 43% was left on place. So removing of 57% of spruces didn’t stop outbreak (on polish side legally sanitary catting since 2014 can be made on max 23% of area – as other areas are exclude from forestry activities, because of Nature 2000 management plan rules and UNESCO zoning, prepared in Poland and those documents were created in agreement with foresters). Present (since 2013 till now) outbreak of spruce bark beetle, killed 700 thousand cubic m of spruce (on area about 7 thousand of hectares), from which 80 thousand cubic m was harvested.
In meantime size of area under strict protection was magnified four times (in 2004) from about 15 to 30 thousand hectares, and then again in 2012 to 58 thousand hectares.
Lost of spruce share since 2001 till now it will be near 65-70 % (in present outbreak 15-20% from this what left after 2012), so now share spruce is 6% (in 2012 it was about 20%).

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