Rousseau’s Manor in Bialowieża Forest

City name: Świnoroje
Address: Świnoroje 7, 17-220 Narewka
Phone: English:0048 604104510, German: 0041 43 333 25 25, Französisch: 0048 22 868 27 67
Email: Englisch:; German:; France:
Number of beds: 18

The Bialowieza primeval forest in the romantic wild East of Poland (Podlasie region) is considered as the last flatland jungle in Europe. Numerous interesting animals are living here, not only the big european bisons. Our house at the edge of the village is directly located at the entrance to the forest. We can offer you unique stay in a singular nature environment – especially for families with children we guarantee a convenient residence.

The house dates back to the 1920ties and is located on a 4200 marea next to two elderly barns, an alley of huge trees and a nice fireplace. It’s a big wooden house in the style of a traditional polish mansion – called «dworek». There are not much houses like that nowadays, where you still can feel a good spirit of a long history. We offer three cosy and very well equipped appartments. The two appartments on the groundfloor (2.5 and 3.5 rooms) have a cockle stove, the upper loft (4 sleeping rooms, and each has an own bathroom) is heated by another central cockle stove as well as by electro thermal storage heating.

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