City name: Białowieża
Address: ul. Zastawa 58
Phone: 607 207 575
Email: maria_wolkowycka@op.pl
Number of beds: 18

The B&B “JASKÓŁKA” Cottage is located in a picturesque village Białoiwża, located in the heart of the Białowieża forest near by the oldest of the Polish National Parks – The Białowieża National Park. Białowieża forest and the Orłówka River Reserve in particular, is a unique forest as it is the last remaining piece of the ancient natural woods that once covered all the European lowlands. The beauty of fauna and flora as well as the old traditional wooden architecture and crystal – clear air make Białowieza the main feature for the tourists from all over the world. You are very warmly welcome to be our guest and enjoy leisure in our peaceful cosy wooden cottage where you may take a rent from the hectic city life. It is up to you how would you like to spend your holidays here – were are always ready to help you with information about the sights and places worth seeing and how to get there. You can walk or ride a bike; rent a horse – cart/ sleigh or ride a horse. In winter the forest is a great place for cross – country skiing. Our shingle – roofed traditional wooden cottage “JASKÓŁKA” (“SWALLOW” in English) can accommodate 14 – 18 guests in double and 3 – person rooms (each with private bathroom). There is a camper – park and bone – fire site. We also have bikes for you. Last but not least we recommend you our traditional regional cuisine – simple and delicious. The unique and hospitable atmosphere of our cottage once you are our guest makes you willing to come back here and enjoy again the unforgettable moments of being in Białowieża.

offer kind no price [PLN] rooms double 40-50/person rooms triple 40-50/peson rooms quatro 40-50/person

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