Some details of tour:

1. standard trip takes 3-4 horus, and it is 6 km walk, and on that tour you may see two types of forest: oak-lime-hornbeam forest (mixed forest) and alder carr forest. You also can see biggest by trunk size Small-leaved Lime and the tallest on word  Wych elm.

2. For specialist (foresters, biologist, ecologist, birdwachers – but everyone can apply for this permit) is possible to take longer tour (up to 6-8 horus) – 12-16 km walk. Permit for that tour have to be given by Director of National Park, so you have to book it advance. You will also see riverine forest, pine stands witch signs of bee-keepers acctivity, the biggest by trunk size Small-leaved Lime, Ash, and many others.

3. Bigger chance to see big mammals you have on trips dedicated for them, like: beavers, and other night active animals or bison (good) morning.

Gallery tours of the offeree

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All year round


standard tour 3 – 4 hours (6 km walk) , on longer trails for specialist 6-8 hours (12-16 km walk)


0 km

Length of the route on foot

7 km standard trail, 12-16 km longer trail

 Number of persons

Min.: 1, max: 12