On a wolf trail

in the Bialowieza Forest

The Bialowieza Forest is inhabited by 3-4 wolf packs (each pack consists of 10-15 individuals and occupies 20-30 thousand hectares). There are also 3-5 (maybe 8) adult lynxes. The territory of a female lynx is about 10 thousand hectares, and that of a male up to 25 thousand hectares.
Their paths often cross with ours. Of course, you’ll need a bit more luck to meet them “eye to eye” (wolves usually cover more than 20 km a day). But our knowledge of the area can help. However, there is a lot of information to be gleaned from the signs of their presence in the area.

 Some details of tour:

During the field trips we have the opportunity to have a close look at these big predators and their social behaviour,
A lens with a focal length of at least 300mm is useful,
It is advisable to wear footwear that can walk on the dew. Clothing in muted colours (preferably black or brown) and non-sticky.
The trip consists of two mornings and two afternoons, including a trip to listen to wolves howl. Each part of the excursion lasts up to 4 hours: the first morning we go to the Strict Reserve to look for wolf tracks and listen to stories about wolf ecology; in the evening we go to listen to the wolf howl (at the end of this excursion it is already the howl of a whole pack….). On the second day, in the guide’s car, we will enter the rest of the forest in search of wolves (morning and afternoon excursion).

Gallery tours of the offeree


All year round


4×3 hours (two morning and two evening excursions)


50 km

Length of the route on foot

10-15 km

Number of persons

Min.: 1, max: 3

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