Pod bocianem

City name: Białowieża
Address: Olgi Gabiec 12
Phone: 0048 600 788 739
Email: bocian-ab@wp.pl
Number of beds: 25

Welcome to our farm “HOUSE UNDER STORK”, the place where you can stretch out, relax and forget about the race of everyday life and experience the charms of nature Bialowieza. Our house welcomes you with open doors. We hope that you will spend a memorable stay in the countryside. Additional Information: Just beyond the farm gate will feel the taste of meetings here waiting for you with beautiful nature and regional culture. Body property reflects the character of the architecture of these pages. It was designed so that you can fully relax and unwind. Crossing the threshold of our house, you settle in a completely different, wonderful world in which the most important is easy and fun. Certainly, there is something for everyone. House in addition to a cozy bedroom has a fireplace room and a lounge. All rooms have comfortable beds and a seating area. In the silence, you can plan a pleasant or exciting day. They offer a view of the farm yards.

double and triple rooms: 40-50 zl per person

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