• Pygmy owl whistling

    Pygmy owl &…

    To Arek Szymura one of the most favourite bird species is the Pygmy Owl. He learnt how to whistle like them, and you can have a chance to see Arek talking to Pygmy Owl on one of our tours. Arek has a great passion for nature. His son, Mateusz follows his steps. Pygmy Owl, as a boreal specie generally...

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  • Lectures for students in Bialowieza Primaeval Forest

    Exciting lectures and field excursions

    for students

    We have broad range of topic on our offer including such themes as: role of the Bialowieza National Park , the role of dead wood in the forest, the complexity of forest ecosystems, identification of birds by their voice, botanical tours. Should we control the nature or should we just step aside and watch...

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  • Heart of Bialowieza Forest – the Strict Reserve

    For those, who want to experience the untouchable

    The Strict Reserve of Bialowieza National Park is the place where people go to experience natural place, accepting it as it is. Some scientist say that this is a “window into the past” which helps us to understands truly wild place that people haven’t put their hands on. Naturalness of this place...

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