Accommodation in bialowieza - pensjon Guest rooms of BNP
Guest Rooms of Bialowieza NP
  • City name: Bialowieza
  • Address: Park Palacowy 11
  • Phone: 0048 85 682 97 29
  • Email:
  • Number of beds: 107

Guest Rooms of the Białowieża National Park are situated in Białowieża, on the historic grounds of the Palace Park, which is enflamed by the quiet zone.  The accommodation facility was opened in 2008 and was designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Its location guarantees our guests a nice and quiet stay in close proximity to the primeval nature. The location of the complex makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the Białowieża National Park and numerous trails in the Białowieża Primaeval Forest. The same building houses a restaurant, Forest and Nature Museum and the management of the BNP.

2 persons room  I floor 120 PLN/night
2 persons room  II and III floof 130 PLN/night
3 persons room I floor 150 PLN/night
3 persons room II and III floor 160 PLN/night
 sigle persons room lux III floor 120 PLN/night
2 persons room lux III floor 200 PLN/night

Every room has a private bathroom, telephone, and radio-clock.  Satellite TV is available in 20 rooms. There is free Wi-fi available in the building.

Also available to our guests: •   steam room – 30 PLN/30 minutes, •   parking space – open, monitored, •   kitchen equipped with electric kettle, fridge, microwave oven (free of charge).