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Begining of spring in Bialowieza

Woodpeckers in Bialowieza already announce spring drumming passionately. The male of Great Spotted Woodpecker recognized as the most effective place for it a tin roof. His snare drum carries far …

Sunny morning in Bialowieza Forest

One of the few of this “winter” sunny mornings in the Bialowieza Forest (although very windy) look like this (spent in the company of bison): in sepia: in color: Which you like more?

Morning emotions

This morning, the wolf ran my way. When I grabbed the camera and ran after him, it turned out that the whole pack (at least 4 wolves). I started to take pictures of them and … at this point the operator failed because I forgot that I have set … manual focus. So the remaining …

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Białowieża autumn

Autumn in Bialowieza is the best time to search for fungi, including those rare, such as rosy veincap, or the wrinkled peach (Rodotus palmatus) who, after more than 100 years since the last observation in Poland was again found in the Bialowieza Forest in 1999. You can watch it on the “to Jagiello oak” in …

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European bison winter

When the real winter will come to the Bialowieza Forest, bison very eager to use hay and silage prepared for them by the employees of the BNP. And in this season (2012/2013) is as much as 500 tons of lining the feeding sites in the forest, and about 300 tons of hay left by farmers …

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